Our Program

Our children are grouped initially by age allowing each child to grow at his or her own rate.  Our settings allow children to interact in many varied activities.  All manner of diversity is encouraged in the St. Paul’s Child Development Center environment. Our Curriculum is developed by the staff of St. Paul’s CDC using materials from NAEYC, Connecticut’s Preschool Curriculum Framework and Benchmarks for Preschool Children in Programs (CSDE, 1999).

Our program is also a Connecticut School Readiness Program administered by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood

Our curriculum is child-centered, in that children's interests provide much of the foundation for the experiences planned by the teacher. Both child-guided and adult-guided experiences are used to support the child's learning in the social, cognitive, physical and creative domains.  Teachers use "intentional teaching" approaches to engage and promote children's learning in language and literacy, mathematics and scientific inquiry, physical movement and creative expression.  The experiences are individualized to meet the specific developmental needs of each child. Kindergarten readiness skills are taught in a developmentally based individualized approach that involves all curriculum areas. Our dynamic learning environment supports development in each area, stressing play exploration and discovery as means for learning.  Emphasis on skill building includes:

  • Fine Motor Development
  • Eye/Hand Coordination
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Cognitive School Readiness Skills
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Water Play
  • Hands-On Science
  • Computer Skills

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